Starting 'Know A Shirt'

Becoming a Dad

Many of my fondest memories of growing up are moments where a parent – or any adult – took the time to teach me about the world. I grew to feel a deep sense of appreciation for them, and connection to them, as I understood what they had taken the time to do for me.

Before my daughter was born, the aspect of parenthood I looked forward to most was creating those same teaching moments and shared experiences with her. I imagined teaching her to do math, to ski, to read (probably not in that order). I imagined helping her as a young child learning to recognize objects and to speak her first words.

The First Tomato Shirt

It was also about time to re-up my supply of plain, solid-colored, crew-neck t-shirts. I bought the same shirts every few years from the same giant retailer. They fit well. They’re durable. They’re inexpensive. They solve the problem of needing to be clothed every day and look presentable, but they’re not excellent.

I saw an opportunity to both clothe myself and help my daughter learn about the world around her. I imagined artwork that would be accessible to her – that she could learn to recognize, to spell, to say – like a tomato or broccoli. I envisioned her telling me, one day, that the tomato shirt was her favorite one, and requesting that I put it on for the day. I loved the idea of bonding with her and creating a shared experience out of the simple act of wearing a shirt.

The first shirt was excellent. My daughter loved it, my friends laughed about it, and strangers often asked about it.

Know A Shirt

We started Know A Shirt on the idea of making apparel for parents. We strive to hit that combination of functional, stylish, and meaningful. We partnered with a manufacturer to produce excellent quality shirts. They’re soft and they make you look fitter! The artwork is minimalist and elegant – accessible to young kids, and good for a laugh at the pub. We hope others will find the same joy in bonding with their kids over the simple, everyday things we wear.

Our first product line is the Fruits and Veggies short-sleeve tee series! We love this series because fruits and veggies are a staple category for early learning, and are kind of funny for adults to wear. 

We plan to launch more products in the future. Please consider subscribing to our mailing list to hear about product launches and promos!
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